St Ives

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A personal view
by Philip Grosset

What you say about this site (2)

(from February 1999 onwards)

Cool site award"I had a really good time wandering the pages of your web site, which apart from looking really good, is clearly the result of a lot of hard work. This is a really beautiful and thoughtfully constructed site." (Graham Url of Exminster)
Marc and Lucie award
"We visited your site and it meets all our criterias, so it is with pleasure that we offer you our Website Award. The layout of your pages is great, very easy to navigate, pleasing visually and the content is really good! All in all, it is done very professionnally and it made me feel like flying to England to visit St-Ives! :-)" (Marc and Lucie)
"I thought that it was very very good, one of the best ones yet in my opinion! It was very interesting because I visited St. Ives in July/August 98 and I just wanted to see some of the beautiful sights again! :)" (Allison Langille, Toronto, Ontario)

site couldn't be much better! The layout is especially good and the page loading time isn't bad either! One thing I did notice, however, was that in the 'places to eat' section there were no take away or pizza restaurants. I would like to point out that there is BIG BITES, a superb take away establishment down East Street, serving delicious pizzas, kebabs, burgers and much more. I have been eating at Big Bites for 11 months now and I love it (this may be due to the fact that I work there!) ps. do you have advertising on your site? I might be interested. pps. 1/4lb burgers are on special offer- only £1.49!" (Alex, St Ives)

"I love the site! I was born in Huntingdon and grew up on Albemarle Road in Saint Ives. It's great to be able to take a look at all the places I know so well from my childhood :) The only suggestion I can make is MORE PICTURES! LOTS more pictures! :)" (Ian Littlewood. Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada)

"My grand-father and his family came from St.Ives-Bluntisham area and we have been here a few times. Like it a lot." (Warren Hudson, Elk River,Mn,USA)

"Maybe a few more pictures of local neighborhoods, just so that the website visitors can get a look at what it is really like!!! I found it to be very informative and it brought back quite a few wonderful memories of my trip to St. Ives last summer!" (Allison Langille, Toronto, Ontario)

"I think that it is a great site, we are moving to Saint Ives in 3 weeks, and found so much more info than we knew about on your site.Thanks so much." (Dea, Denver, Colorado, USA)

"Great. Brought back a lot of memories. I worked at Tacchi's Nurseries for 5 years and was married at the free church in 1994. I still get back occasionally, but it's hard to keep up with the pace of things, particularly the number of new houses going up." (Ivan Wintringham, Newcastle upon Tyne, England)

"I read with interest your reference to The Waits, St Ives. My family are of the understanding that a mayor of St Ives had the name "Waits", with the quay being named after him. I would be most grateful of any ratification you may be able to offer; especially as we are supposed to be direct ancestors. Thank you." (Geoff Waits.)
Does anyone know anything about this? If so, please
use my guest book to get in touch with me. (PG)

"Cool. I will be visiting St. Ives this May for training at Linx. Include more pictures of local tourist sites. A map of the city could be helpful." (Mike Jorge, Quezon City, Philippines)
I've now included a map!

"I think this site is absolutely fantastic. Most of my father's family in and around St.Ives. My grandparents were the second longest residents of Green Leys at No.3 (Frank & Vera Desborough) - they moved in during 1948 (I used to live at No.18). Reading and looking at this site has brought back lots of memories. I don't visit as often as I'd like, but this is a great way to combat the 'homesick blues', thank you." ( Patrick Desborough, Lincoln, UK)

"Excellent work!! The content shows the effort you've put in and how much you care about your town!! My favorite part was the oddities section... I'm having trouble reading part of the white text on your home page as it runs into the white background, however it looks fine on all the other pages. Keep up the good work!" (Jennifer, Tacoma, United States)
I've now removed all the white text! (PG)

"Great site. Brings back lots of memories. Will keep visiting this site so I know what to see next time I visit St Ives." ( Peter Scully, Brisbane, Australia)

"Excellent. I like the photos and information." (Helen Cole, Somersham, Cambs)

"I think the site to be very informative. It really makes you think you can see the photos as if you were there." (Bobbie Ives, Marshall, Texas, USA)

"Very good. It has answered some of my questions about St Ives. I hope to visit by boat in the next few weeks." (Peter Barrett, Hockwold, Thetford, Norfolk)

" I enjoyed your site very much, it was very entertaining. It gives lots of good ideas for future visits." (Kathryn Wehr, Minneapolis, USA)

"Really good site, shows all the little places that remind me of St Ives. I'm at uni now, and if ever get homesick can look at this site, great!!!!! Glad someone mentioned the Royal Oak, it is a pub that has to be visited." (Amy, St Ives, Cambs)

"Excellent site! Looking at the pictures and reading the various bits brought back a flood of fine memories. I am retiring soon and hope to spend some time in the St.Ives area with my wife and daughter. I spent the academic year 1983/83 teaching at the 'Ivo'." (Bob Fumerton, Ottowa, Canada)

"Really excellent site, professionally and attractively laid out. I lived in Cambridge until recently when I moved to West Cork in Ireland, but I grew up in Houghton/Wyton and lived down Tenterleas near the Catholic Church. Although I love it here this site fair brought a tear to the old mince pies and makes me want to visit again soon. Thanks and keep it up !" (Ben McLoughlin, Castletownbere, West Cork, Eire)

" I think your site is great. I'm in the US now,but I was born in Huntingdon. I really enjoyed
seeing all the places you have on the site, they bring back a lot of memories. I left England back in 1976.Thanks and keep up the good work!!!" (Duane Rockey,Myrtle Beach,South Carolina,USA)

"Brill. Did I really type "brill? I lived & worked in St Ives '68 to '72. Happy days. Thanks for walk down memory lane." (George Russell, Baku Azerbaijan)

"Very helpful. I would like to see guest houses or hotels listed for short breaks in your lovely City with listed prices. Please if you could help me in any way. Thank you." (T.Blair, Fen Ditton, Cambridgeshire)
For a list of available accomodation, try the
Tourist Information Centre, Princes Street, Huntingdon, Cambs PE18 6PH (tel. 01480 388588). (PG)

"I really enjoyed viewing this site as my boyfriend is from St. Ives and I was wanting to find information about his hometown. You see I am from the United States and have only been to London. I was trying to find a street map of his actual neighborhood, Wheatsfield is the name of the street he lives on so if a map exists I would love to see it. I hope to be visiting St. Ives in the next couple of years. Thank you very much for your help." (Kim Calhoun, Alpharetta, GA USA)

"It brought back a lot of memories and all of the pictures reminded me a lot about my younger years. I grew up in St Ives, I lived there from 1966 to 1980 and went to school at both Westfields and St Ivo. I moved to the US but I get back occasionally, my mother and younger sister still live live in the town at Cromwell Place. The last time I was there was 1994. If you ever update the site to include additional photos or post details of up coming events, I'd like to be notified if possible. Thanks." (Michael Williams, Warrenton, Virginia)

"Excellent but what about a "where are they now" page? I lived in St Ives 1985-1995." ( Mike Hancock, Market Deeping UK)
Anyone: please send me the info and I'll be happy to include this! (PG)

"Delightful visit to many rememberances of prior visits. You recommend reservation for the carvery at the Dolphin, but a nice touch would have been to add in the reservations number!!! I've been to St. Ives several times. I am trying to find either an email address, or a fax number or phone number for the Dophin Hotel, as we are booked back to England for a holiday this Oct and I desire to show my wife the beautiful town of St. Ives. I've stayed at the Dolphin on all prior visits, but the house cleaning that went with our latest move took my old records.Can you help???" (Victor H. Hill, Nampa, Idaho, USA)
The Dolphin 'phone no. is 01480 466966 (and 497497). I've added this to my Eating Places page as suggested! (PG)

"Cool." (Debra White, Milford, Ohio, USA)

"In the Unusual Photos there are none of Cromwells Barn or Green End Farm." (Robert W. Purser, Brisbane, Australia. Ex St.Ives 1962)

Cromwell's BarnCromwell's Barn needed extensive repairs and was pulled down in 1964. It had no known connection with Cromwell, although it dated from Elizabethan times. It was near the present Shell garage on Houghton Road just past the Ramsey Road traffic lights towards Huntindon. (PG)

"Excellent - as a resident of St Ives I can thoroughly recommend this site and information it provides." (John Archer, St Ives, Cambs)

"A wonderful place for ex-residents to come back and reminisce a bit. A couple of people on here have suggested adding some way linking up old school friends or a 'Where are they now?' section - good idea. What about news of any St Ivo reunions? I was brought up in St Ives and went to Eastfield, Westfield and St Ivo (1975-1982), now living
in Oxfordshire. Anyone who remembers me can email me" (Steve Johnson, Witney, UK)

"It's good." (Allison)

"I moved here April '99 and I just don't want to leave. The site is a tribute to the picturesque town. How about a picture of a market (or did I miss it?). ' (Matthew Holmes)
Please see
here for the page of market pictures! (PG)

"I loved your site! I was stationed at Alconbury in 1971,72,73 and was forced to return in March of 1974. I lived on the causeway and wished I was older so that I could have enjoyed your beautiful country and local area more! I would like to return some day and I will." Ron Kellough, Crash Rescue, Alconbury 1971-74.

"Quite good. I live near St Ives." (Iain Dowling)

"What a lovely pic of St Ives! I want to move there - do you have room for a Yank?" (Pat)

"Hello -- I visited St. Ives several years ago -- that visit is one of my most delightful memories of visiting England. I am planning to write a small guidebook at a future time and would like to feature St. Ives. My question is: do you any idea how I might be able to include a map of the town without infringing on copyright? For example, I might scan an existing map but use my own legends and labels -- any thoughts you have would be so welcome. Thank you. (Also, thank you for the web site -- it's lovely.)" (Mary Ferrate)
I'm afraid I can't help you with this. (PG)

"Very good. If you would like any aerial pics to use on the site for FREE please contact me. (Geoff Soden)
Many thanks for the very kind offer which I've now taken up. Your excellent
aerial photos are now included! (PG)

"Great. As an Eaton Ford resident for 23 years it was lovely to see the photographs of St.Ives which we knew very well. After three careers I also am retired, although I may have just started my fourth career if requests to write technical manuals continue to come in. I currently live in Scarborough but come down to Cambridgeshire fairly regularly to see old friends and do a few odd jobs for pocket money. I'll explore more of your site now that I've found it. Best wishes." (Doug Shaw)

"OK. I think you should have info about St Ivo school." (Hallie)
below. (PG)

"As a first time user I found the site very very good and will place your address in my address book. As I'm local to Cambridgeshire (St Neots) I like to support local people. Keep up the good work. Regards, Cris." (Cris Bloomsmar)

"Awesome! Some day I hope to visit." (Linda Rynders)

"Brilliant - we visited St Ives last summer whilst doing some family history research on the Earl family (brewers @ St Ives in 1800's) - actually managed a drink (or two) at the White Hart which was a pub they apparently used to own! Photos of the parish church were very good as for some reason the ones I took whilst there did not turn out too well. Hope to come back again soon, its a nice place to visit and the people were very friendly and welcoming." (Maxine Phillips)

"Excellent, we hope to move to St Ives from Warwickshire and are interested to learn more about the town and its surroundings. Moving is always daunting, so I think we are looking for information to help us decide whether St Ives is the right place. Web sites such as yours are very helpful, many thanks."(Bevelie Shember)

"Good job! My brother Ian suggested I have a look ages ago and I'm glad I've finally got a chance to. I have to agree with him though: more pictures! Especially of the Chapel Bridge, it's St. Ives most distinguishable feature. All in all, a fantastic site!" (Antonia Littlewood)

"Brilliant for my school project." (Katherine Hardy )

"Excellent. Very good pictures and lots of info of your town. Very interesting." (Peter Fowles)

"It brought back old memories from when I was a U.S. serviceman stationed at RAF Alconbury. When we were first married (my better half is English), we lived at 11C East St., and rented a flat from Mr. Elliot. Our first son was born at RAF Lakenheath at that time. The time period was Dec. 1964 - May 1966. St. Ives still holds a special place in our hearts. We last visited 2 yrs. ago. Each time we visit U.K., St. Ives is included in our plans." (John C. Heikkila)

"I thought your site was very informative and interesting. I stayed in St. Ives for 15 days. I met someone from the internet and I am now in the process of moving to St. Ives. :) Thanks for sharing the wonderous beauty of this nice little village :) You do it very well...:))) (Rosa)

"Gosh what nostalgia! As one of those who used to catch the Whippet coach to Ramsay Abbey more than a few memories came back to living in Canada! Loved the site and compliment on content." (Avril Sharpe (nee Wynton) "The Wyntons of Wyton")

"This is great. I lived over in Needingworth in the 80's and went to market every week. Does anyone out there know Michael Fountain or Sandra Burke? They are two names and friends that I will never forget from my time there. E-mail me at" (Nicki Kaseeska)

"Very good - I liked the
old pictures and aerial photos especially. I actually live here." (Colin Burdfield)

" Great site. It brought back many happy memories of living, working, socialising and playing rugby through the late 70s and early 80s in the area." (Frank Creelman)

"Hi there, loved your site on St Ives. Would it be possible to add a link to my site for a new Church Plant in St Ives. The address is Thank you. Andy Moyle"
I'm always pleased to add
links to any local site. (PG)

"Your site was okay. I would give it a 2 out of 5 mind you. I was born in St Ives and I have lived there all my life until I moved to Canada. I think you should focus on modern life (schools, stores, people) to make it more interesting for people." (Hallie)
I've now added a page about some of the local

"What a wonderful, thoughtful and very impressive Site! Obviously a true Labour of Love. We were stationed at Alconbury from May '76 to May '81 and lived the entire time in a house we bought at #4 Queen Road, Somersham. Our 5 years over there were the best and happiest of our life! We have many fond memories of the area and people and count as our very best friends, two wonderful people now living in Earith. We're in San Antonio, Texas now, but manage to return "home" every few years or so. Thanks so much for a very nice trip down Memory Lane. C H E E R S!" (Jim n' Joanne Hedden) -

"I enjoyed seeing where I went to school (
Slepe Hall) in the 1950s! I am planning to go to England next month and hope to go to St Ives if I have time." (Jill McNicholl)
I've now included a page by Betty Yeandle about Slepe Hall School. (PG, 2007)

"Hello there! My Mother attended the school - I was looking at the website to see if Slepe Hall was there, but its not! Thought an ex-pupil may like to add it (I dont know enough about it except its now a hotel, and my Grandparents lived at Westwood - just down the road!) Regards. :-)" (Sarah Hambleton) (See the previous entry, PG)

Really informative. I need to print it all out and read everything. We've only lived in St Ives for 18 months and I'm interested in local history. This site has helped me understand a lot about the area. I'll certainly tell a lot of friends around the country and the world to see where we live. I'll keep checking on the site for any new information. Please keep up the good work. Regards, Mark & Louise Anderson."

Good, but i was disapionted to see hardly anything on the schools especially the Ivo. Also nothing on the rec or outdoor centers. I think some info is needed here and perhaps even a map of the outdoor complex."
St Ivo School now has its own website ( It is a large, modern (opened in 1954) comprehensive school at the end of Westwood Road, behind the Burgess Hall (on the extreme right of the picture.This is used for numerous functions, dances, dinners, entertainments and exhibitions). Beside the Burgess Hall is the St Ivo Recreation Centre (on the left of the picture). This includes a large (if busy) swimming pool, a sports hall and fitness facilities, with special activities laid on for children, and provision for basketball, badminton, and roller skating, as well as five-a- side football and cricket nets. There is also an outdoor complex in California Road. This offers soccer, rugby, hockey and cricket pitches, squash, tennis and netball courts, and an athletics track - not to mention another licensed bar! (PG)

"Wonderful site! I am doing some research for a book I am writing about 17th century England and your site has given me a glimpse into the past. St. Ives is the perfect town for me to model my fictitious English town after. Thank you! I must say too that although I lived in Britain for two years, I had never heard of St. Ives let alone visited it. Now I want to visit it very much." (Sue Tessier)

"Very good (p.s. I live in St Ives)" (Mike Wilson)

"Very good / well done / nice pictures / nice town. How about some info on st.Ivo recreation centre / Burgess hall ? I was born in St Ives and worked there most of my life ! But not all of it co's it aint over yet!!!!" (John Dawson )
Please see the 3rd entry above this one! (PG)

Great, I am shortly moving to St Ives from Caldecote and am so excited, as I think St Ives is a beautiful little town with lots to see and do. I will be moving into the Limes Park and am very interested in finding our its history as I think it may have been build around 1850's and am sure it has some interesting aspects about it. I hope I may find some things in the local and Cambridge Library. Please keep me informed of any activities of interest for children aged 14,12 and 7. I am particularly interested in finding a local football team and also cubs and scouts. Keep up the good work on this site." (Peggy MacCuish)
Limes Park (on the main road from the A14 into St Ives) is on the site of the old St Ives and Union Workhouse that was built in 1836. When the famous author, Thomas Carlyle, passed it, he claimed to have noticed about 50 of its (strictly segregated) male inmates sitting on wooden benches. He described them in his book Past and Present, published in 1843: "Tall, robust figures, young mostly or of middle age; of honest countenance, many of them thoughtful or even intelligent-looking men. They sat there, near by one another; but in a kind of torpor, especially in a silence, which was very striking. In silence: for alas,what word was to be said? .... In the eyes and brows of these men hung the gloomiest expression, not of anger but of grief and shame and manifold inarticulate distress and weariness." Moving as this is, it has now been suggested that it may have had more to do with anti-Poor Law propaganda than with fact, because the exercise yard (where they must have been sitting - not that they had much time to sit anyway) was enclosed so couldn't have been seen from the road! The workhouse was closed in the 1930s and has more recently been much extended, converted into apartments and given the more attractive name of Limes Park.
There's a local
St Ives Town Colts Football Club - but I'm afraid their website seems no longer available. (PG)

"Nice pictures, I was born there, never seen it from the overhead perspective. You have done a great job, how long did it take you? (John Mansfield)
I really don't know as it is still constantly changing! (PG)

"LOVED IT! I spent 4 years in St. Ives when I was a teenager 1970-1974. My father was in the Air Force stationed at Alconbury. This site brought back some great memories for me. Thanks!" (Heidi Ralphs)

"Good site, easy to use. I was wondering if you can help me. I am interested in the railway line out of Cambridge including the line to St.ives. What I am looking for are pictures of the station at St. Ives particually in the 1950 to 1970 period. Can you offer any help! thanks." (David Charlesworth)
There are books with photos of the railway in the very good local history section of the St Ives public library. But the best person to ask for help is probably the Curator, The Norris Museum, 41 The Broadway, St Ives, Huntingdon. His phone no. is 01480-497314. Good luck! The poster on the right offered a special temperance trip to St Ives from Bletchley in July 1884 - no doubt appropriate, because St Ives was notorious for its huge selection of pubs!

Many thanks to Nick Holmes for sending me these photos showing both sides of one of the signs used in the railway station in the 1920s or 1930s.
The photos below show the station as it was. (PG)

"G'day mate, I've just been visiting your St. Ives webpage, I just spent some time there. Are you from there? Do you live there? Nice place...ever been into the Nelsons Head pub? Hope to hear from you soon, Regards, Tarkis (Tarkis Vissaritis)
I retired to St Ives and agree it's a very pleasant place to live, although I haven't been into the Nelson's Head! (PG)

"Very interesting. this is what i was looking for- photos and some narrative description of the Cambridge area." (Philippe Leroux)

"It is very good, it is so nice to see something of where I lived and all of my family still do. My children attended the local schools and I attended Slepe Hall. My Father and brothers had businesses there. I do not get chance to go back very often, I am now living in Saudi Arabia, a far cry from St. Ives, but do keep the site going, it is so refreshing to travel home if only via the internet. Regards to everyone in St. Ives." (Christine Robichaud (nee Everdell))

"It's very interesting. I enjoyed it very much, mainly because my husband travels to England quite frequently and stays at the Slepe Hall. I've stayed at the Slepe Hall several times with him and enjoyed my stay very much. The history of the town is of interest to me. I'm looking forward to my visit in June 2000." (Susan Fenner)

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