St Ives

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A personal view
by Philip Grosset

What you say about this site (4)

(from November 2000 onwards)

"I thought it was very good and right up to date with the November 2000 floods! Well done. I will have to recommend it to others." (Wayne Carlson)

" It gives a nice impression about the place and also about it's history. you could add what the main bussiness is where people would get a living out. but i was pleasant surprices that i could find it on the net. i was looking for it because a friend is living in st.ives and i was wondering about how it looks." (ingeborg uijttenboogaart, Netherlands)

"Marvellous. It brought back many fond memories. I lived in St Ives up to 1946, when I moved to my husband's home in Portsmouth, and eventually moving to Canada in 1951. I am now Mrs Evelyn Makin. My Sisters Mrs M Smith and Mrs M Guinivan are still residents of St Ives." (Evelyn Carrie Foreman)

"My son was doing some research for school. And he found just about everything here. Thank you." (Helen)

"Great, having lived in FEN DRAYTON during the last war it was nice to see ST IVES is still as nice to look at as when i last saw it aprox 1958." (Sid King)

"Very good site. Nicely set out & extremly interesting." (Derek Wilson)

"Excellant. My wife lived there for 20 years , and left in 1952 to immigrate to Canada." (Evelyn Carrie Makin))

"Very good, I got referred to you from the Houghton & Wyton site when I asked them about R.A.F. wyton as I was stationed there in 1963 to the Photo wing, and was trying to look up old times around there,I used to go out with a girl who lived in sussex rd? name of Vicky Stanbury or Stanbridge her Father was a Flight Sergeant in charge of Trade Training and Careers as I remember. Sad to hear that the Station has changed so much but I suppose that is the changing times. Thanks for the memories." (Brian Edwards)

"What a wonderful site, so much to see and enjoy. I tool around England often looking for my Hartwell ancestors. Just wanted you to know I enjoyed this site." (natalie hartwell lourie)

"brilliant site, especially the comments and memories, well done! we've visited a few times but never been brave enough to leave a comment! don't really want a St Ivo reunion but would love to hear what everyones doing now so think you should start up a reunion page (?) we are 34 and 35 years but act much younger! anyway well done and Happy New Year 2001." (Gary & Sarah)

"I thought your website was a real treat to read. Having lived in St.Ives many years ago and being a pupil of St. Ivo I was hoping to recognise some names from the past. As a teenager I used to go to Skyways at Wyton, Camelot at Stukely and even the 208 Roadshow on a Sunday night at the Ivo! Does anyone remember these. Now it appears there is the LEL club and Music Box for the youngsters. Any news on them? Lastly I wondered what the surnames are/were for Gary and Sarah who wrote in regarding reunions as if it is the Sarah who I used to know, now would be 34 and I'm sure I heard she married a Gary then me and my wife would love to get in touch with them!! Thank you from Ken."
I've forwarded your message to Gary and Sarah - but you don't give your surname either! All very confusing. (PG)

"Very well done!" (Mason G. Alexander)

"Brings back memories. I was in nostalgia mode (getting old you see) and looking up references to St Ives/Ivo. I grew up in Hemingford Grey and went to school at St Ivo (1972-1980)." (Carolynne Ruffle (nee Jones))

"Wonderful, the pictures are great. I will be staying at the Dolphin hotel soon, never been to the UK and needed some info. this is a wonderful sight!" (Cathy S)

"Really good - we're hoping to move to the area and this has given me a good insight. My husband has been but I haven't. We're concerned about flooding naturally due to recent weather and in fact looking at the photos meant my husband realised that all the water he saw was as it should be and not flooding!!" (Amanda)
Some parts of the town are in much more danger from flooding than others. Be sure to enquire about this before you buy a house near the river! (PG)

"Excellent - v.interesting. My great great great grandfather William Carter lived at Pell's Hole, a house on the road to Woodhurst (near modern-day Wyton Airfield) in the 1830s and 40s. William was a horse keeper and labourer who had been born at Oakington, across the border in Cambridgeshire in about 1796. His first wife, Mary Ann (nee Marritt), my greatx3 grandmother, came from Swavesey. She died and was buried at St.Ives in August 1833. William and his second wife Jane married at Wistow in August 1835. In the 1860s and 70s they lived in the Bullock Market (now Broadway) St.Ives. Both William and Jane died at the St.Ives Union Workhouse at Hemingford Grey, William in November 1881 and Jane in August 1880. My great great grandfather, John Carter, (son of William and Mary Ann) was born at St.Ives in October 1821. In his 20s he left St.Ives and married a Norfolk girl at Kings Lynn. He and other members of the family 'clan' settled in Barking, Essex, in the1850s. That's my link with your interesting town." (Rob Carter)

"Great, it brought back such great memories. My father was stationed at Alconbury with the US Air Force. from 1957-1960. I attended St Ivo School and received my diploma from there. We lived on Ramsey Road in a home that my uncle owned. My mother is originally from London and she still has sisters there. When I found the web site for St Ives I was just so excited and overwhelmed. I printed everything I could so I could give it to my parents. Thank you so much." (Terry S Witzer, Bartlesville, Oklahoma.)

"Very informative and interesting. My husband and I are looking for a property to buy in St. Ives and this site endorsed our view that St. Ives will be the place we want to retire to." (Andrea Phillips)

"Very good. I'm very impressed. I looked at David Bartlett's site first and was also equally impressed. I think both of you have done a very good job in quite different ways, so that your efforts can be seen as complimentary to a large extent." (Hally Hardie)

"Good. My wife and I tried to drive through St. Ives in 1998 on our way to Ramsey and other villages where my gandfathers maternal families originated. I must admit I had to back out because of your famous bridge and take another route. In any event I was so very interested to visit other nearby villages and see some of the village churches where my ancestors were baptised, married or buried in the 18th and 19th centuries." (Michael McDonnell)

"Very informative of a lovely holiday place to visit sometime." (Christine McLaren)

"Why is there no mention of the oliver cromwell pub ,white heart, nelson head, the greyhound , dun horse (sorry slipped back in time there) ,the aviator, seven wives, great eating places for half the price like the dolphin ,olivers lodge, slepe hall. These old pubs go back a long way. Yes, dolphin, olivers lodge, etc are modern but visiters like to see the old traditional pubs, and the arial photo's seem to have the new mill and dolphin shots,not the old dolphin pub or the old mill. I think it's a brilliant site but theirs a few things could be added. Sorry, i for one do not like st ives as it is now,probably because my family has lived in the town for hundreds of years and the old buildings like the mill are just upper class play things and the history of the building is brushed aside, for instance the free church, old outside but modern inside (my mother used to clean the clock tower 70 yrs ago as my grandad was a caretaker their). As for the waits, yellow bricks going green, but as you look across the road to the old butchers shop still stands the old tiles on the wall and as you walk towards the anglers rest theirs an old lookout post on the left cemented up and barb wire around, but how long for? As for the permanex site it's going to be knocked down with some of the old houses and yes modern shops going to be put their. Welcome to HISTORIC St Ives? i think not, but these are modern times." (Andrew Desborough)
Thanks very much for saying what you think. St Ives has seen a lot of changes over recent years - but are some of the changes for the worse? More comments about this would be welcome. (PG)

"Fabulous! I was born in Woodhurst and thoroughly enjoyed the memories brought back of my early years, and the Mondays spent in St. Ives with my grandparents. Thanks!" (Hamish Galloway)

"I think it is very helpful. I am a student at St. Bedes Secondary School and this site had exactly the information i required for my Geography coursework. It is very clear and interesting too." (Annick Chaplain)

"Excellent. " (Peter Cripps)

"Great views...I had preconceived ideas of a small tight wrong can one be....maybe I was thinking of Cornwall!! I am from London! Thanx for giving me new insight. I'll be visiting one day." (Andrea Smart)

"I really like the site. I was looking for information on St. Ives since we will be there July 18th. We lived there for 4 years back in 1973. My husband was stationed at RAF Alconbury. Trying to see what had changed." (Jo Ann Clark)

"Very clear, simple to navigate and uncluttered despite having a lot to offer." (Austin O'Hara)

"Really good! Loved the old photos..I`ve been living in St.Ives for 18 yrs and now call myself a St.Ivian!" (Terry McCullough)

"Terrific, lots of memories. Lived and worked at the Vets, corner of Ramsey Road in 1959-60. We often visited for the markets when we were children and used to have a lovely cream meringue at Stiles bakery. Also my ancestors came from the town, still have relations living there. S. Robb and Son is still trading in the town. They were rope makers. There are houses on the original rope walk now." (Janet O'Flaherty)

"Brought back fond memories of when I lived in St. Ives." ( Cheryl Gorman)

"Thoroughly enjoyed your St Ives website. My wife and I lived there from1980-82 while I was stationed at RAF Alconbury. Now I'm a consultant to the U.S. Department of Defense and hope to return soon to work at RAF Molesworth. If that happens, do intend to make our home once again in St Ives. Thanks for all the pictures and updates. You have obviously put a lot of time and effort into this. Best Wishes!" (Mike Todd, Hampton, Virginia)

"Very very comprehensive and most attractively packaged. Best Wishes." (James Manderson -former Town Clerk 1972/74)

"Excellent. I was born and spent my first 21 years there and am often over to visit family yet I still found it most informative." (Jan Pollard)

"Very interesting and well planned. My wife and I will be in St Ives around the 11-12 of June 2001. Some of my ancestors were from there. I am especially interested in wether or not the pub "Nelson's Head" still exists apparently it was in the family in the 1800's, if so where is it located."
It's still at no. 7, Merryland, right in the middle of the town. (PG)

we liked the photos i lived here during the war i was evacuated during the war to victoria terrace my grans name was rook." (heather cuthbert)

"Beautiful. My grandfather was born in St. Ives ca 1864. Family name -- Broadway. I recognize many of the sites he showed us as children. I live in Lachute, miway between Montreal and Ottawa." (John Lusk)

"I think this site is real good. I live in the US now but I grew up in St. Ives and I wanted to see what it looked like now." (lee adkins)

"Jolly good." (bob)

"brilliant, I have been looking for a site like this ,as my father was born in the area and I look on St Ives as my real home." (Ken Hudson)

We are learning about St Ives and comparing it with our village. This site is very attractive and easy to use with lots of information. Thank you!" (Mrs Kit Howes and Year 2, Swavesey Primary School)."

"Since my brother and family live in St. Ives, I have found this site to be very interesting. I've not had the opportunity to visit them, so this is the next best thing. I have this site set up in bookmarks on my computer so I can go to it any time I wish. Thank you." (David Carlson)

"Very interesting. Wish I could say I have been there but it wouldn't be true. I'm in California." (Karen Houghton Burkhart)

"Really good." (Bill Riley)

"My daughter is staying in St. Ives today, 7/7 through Wednesday, she is staying with a local family as she travels through the UK with a group of US high school students. I miss her very much and needed to feel connected to her. I found your wonderful web site by searching: St. Ives Cambrideshire and I have a sense of being there with her and can share in her happiness visiting your country and town. Your site is one of the very best I have found, you share information not only on points of interest for visitors, but share a bit of your life and culture. The latter is what I enjoy best about traveling - understanding what impacts people's lives, how people live each day... Great job!!!!!" (Mary Ellen Gies)

"Great site - I live in St Ives in Sydney and was looking for something local but had a look at your site out of curiosity - I hope we can visit your lovely town next time we're in the UK." (Dr Jan Copeland)

"Very interesting, even for a resident of the town." (Simon Baldock)

"Love to St.Ives. You have a beautiful, lovely town!!" (Kjersti Vatle Toresen)

"Very helpful." (Lynda Suhré Korn)

"We are volunteers for the British Heart Foundation and would be grateful if you would mention on your St Ives web site our Bike Ride in September which we are organising with Q103 FM..
Details as follows; Date: 9th September 2001 - Sunday
Venue: The Dolphin Hotel St Ives
Start time : 10.00am - Registration from 9.00 am
22.5 miles round circuit St Ives, Fenstanton, Fen Drayton, Swavesey, Over, Willingham, Earith, Bluntisham, Needingworth, St Ives
BBQ available from £2.25 after the event at the Dolphin Hotel
Entry by sponsorship or £5.00 on the day
Highest fundraiser wins a bike
2nd highest sponsorship prize - 4 months free entry to the Dolphin fitness centre
Entry & Sponsorships forms from BHF Regional Office - tel 01763 242414
Richardsons Cycles in St Ives and The Dolphin Hotel, St Ives. Thank you." (Lynne Saunders and James Course)

"Absolutely beautiful site. Really enjoyed myself. Lovely photos." (Hugh Issett, Wetterfield Virtual Village)

"I love it! My great-grandparents (William Guylott Walton & Eleanor "Nellie" Barnes Walton) and their ancestors are from the St. Ives/Hunts area and your site helps me (via the web from Tennessee,USA) get a feel for their place in the world. Hope you'll visit soon! Your site is one of those linked from mine." (Julie Sefton)

"i thought the site was informative.i moved to st ives after i married my husband in 1989 my son only knows what it is like to live here, the school he goes to is fantastic,both my husband and myself both work in the town centre we wouldn't want to live anywhere else." (Debbie)

"Super site. I used to be stationed at RAF Wyton 1958/60 & 1962/65 and thought St Ives was a wonderful town. I Played football for the town 63 to 65. I wonder if any of the lads are still around now!!! Once again a great site." (Mike Gerrish).

"This site brings back a lot of memories when I used to live there. I lived in Hemingford Gray for 41/2 years. I still communicate with friends over there. I'm looking forward to viiting the area in June 2002." (Bill Alley)

"I have fond memories of st Ives in 1959 when I was stationed at RAF Wyton I
can remember George the landlord of the Robin Hood pub who made great
sandwiches with ham or cheese for 4 pence." (Terry)

"The St.Ives site is great! I love catching up with all the new entries every couple of months or so. I grew up in St.Ives in Cromwell Place where my mum still lives but left 14 years ago after marrying an Air Force man stationed at Alconbury. I still get home every year to visit family and friends. I actually emailed last summer before we moved last and you asked my about my time at Sinclair Radionics in the Old Mill on the river. I worked there for 4 or 5 years in total during the late 70's and early 80's. It was a thriving company owned by Clive Sinclair as everyone knows. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the old mill and we were all disappointed when it eventually closed down and was turned into flats. It had a reputation for the wildest Christmas party in town! Unfortunately during the recession a lot of people were laid off. Eventually the company changed names, owners, etc. and moved from St.Ives to Huntingdon. A lot of the original folks still work for Thurlby Thandar in Huntingdon eventhough there is no other connection anymore. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to add their thoughts and memories to this website, for those of us who live abroad its a terrific read!" (Libby Roller, nee Williams)

"Thoroughly enjoyed your site! We are building a home in the St. Ives neighborhood, developed by Cambridge Homes, in Charlotte, NC. I wanted to know who St. Ives was, and found your village. I hope someday we have the opportunity to visit." (Julie Toffaletti)

"I lived in St. Ives 1984-1986 while stationed at RAF Alconbury. I love the town and the UK. Now teaching math in Houston, TX." (R Jordan)

"very good...i lived there for about 10 years and went to school there my Mum and Dad still live there. I live in Wales but if I get home sick I just visit your site. Brilliant!!!!!" (Zoe)

"'First rate' does not really do justice to this superb website and the organiser is to be congratulated. I had many happy times in the Town, some stressful but never bad. Just looking at the photographs brings many memories flooding back. Many of the Council Members with whom I worked are,sadly,no longer with us ..........more's the pity. Best Wishes." ( James Manderson, former town clerk)

"Very good, i have lived in St Ives all my life (thats about 20 years). My mum is somewhat of a local fanatic with all publications of St Ives and so i mainly looked this site up for her but found it very interesting myself. Do you know where i can get good quality prints of old local photos? This would make the perfect Christmas present for my mum and i would be very grateful if you could point me in the right direction, i found a website which has about 12 to offer but they semed very overpriced and i hoped that there may be a local co. which sells this kind of thing. Any feedback would be greatly recieved. Thanks again." ( Alex Christmas)
The best place to try for all publications about St Ives is the Norris Museum.

"Thank you for going to the trouble of putting this site together. It brings back fond memories of growing up in St. Ives (65-78). My family moved to Sydney in 78 and I am now living in Tokyo. Reading through the comments has kindled my interest in hearing from others who grew up in St.Ives at that time. If you would like to drop me a line at I would be interested to hear from you." (Peter Brunton)

"useful and easy to find what you're looking for. It has a good range of pictures. I live in st.ives and it's good to see places i know." (Laura)

"This site is O.k. but I really need 10 facts about St. Ives for my Homework." (Andrew Stanton)

"nice pictures - we're gonna come soon (we are cambridge). love the oddities section! :)" (Simon and Ben)

"I decided to look at your site as I have relatives who live in the town. I found your site to be interesting and well laid out! " (stephanie johnstone)

"I grew up in St Ives and moved to Australia 7 or so years ago, its great to be able to see a few pictures that bring back a few memories. Hope to get back there one day!" (Simon Crowell)

" Very very well done. I particularly liked the oddities, but I am really impressed with the entire site. It's very attractive, appealing and easy to browse through. I have a feeling now that I know a bit about the place. Like I've visited briefly despite never actually having been to St Ives. Thanks." (Karen)

"Great site to share with the family back in the states. THANKS!" (Brian & Karen Gallagher)

"Very good I've an aunt living there I wasa hoping to find a message board or guest book" (Margaret Goldsack)

"An excellent informative site, well constructed and even providing new info. to someone who has lived here for 20 years!" (Ian Adamson)

"I really enjoyed the site. I'm attempting to photograph aspects of The Great Ouse from it's source to the Wash. I have decided to come to St Ives on Saturday, although the visit was already at the back of my mind your very interesting site has really wetted my appetite and provided me with inspiration for my photographs." (Susan Hoskin)

"We are in the throes of organising a school reunion for ex pupils who were first years at St Ivo in 76/77 (dob sept 64 - aug 66) Would you be able to post this on your site? The reunion is to be held in May 2002 and for further details ex pupils need to email: Hoping you can help." (Jackie Whitworth St Ivo Reunion Committee Member

"Excellent site. Just what we needed prior to moving here. Can't wait for summer." (Peter Hatton)

"Interesting. Which St Ives is it?" (Ian Stewart)
The important one: in Cambridgeshire! See the top left of every page. (PG)

"Very interesting site. I was evacuated to St Ives in the war and lived at several different addresses. I went to school in the Free Church hall and still have at least one school report from 1944. I can remember looking out of the bedroom window and watching the bombers take off for the night raids, and count how many returned in the early morning.I was a choirboy at the church by the river, and also went to school in the village school almost opposite ( no happy memories of that). We used to play in the cattle market and can remember being chased many times by "Inspector Hall" I think. I can also remember a very old bakery in a stable block where we used to buy hot bread , put it in our coat and eat it hot and steaming. When in the Navy there was a person from St Ives in the same mess as me, he seems to have left St Ives now, but he had the most common name in England so is difficult to find. I decided to re-visit St Ives about 10 years ago, but couldnt recognise much apart from the town centre." (Dick Chown)

"I lived in St. Ives when I was 12 and 13 years old, 1961&1962. My father was stationed at Alconbury A.F.B. I had some very good friends there...but over the years lost contact. I dearly loved your town...still do...most of all...I miss your excellent Fish and Chip shops!! Can't get that in America! If memory serves me..I enjoyed the fair in the streets in October of each year! Thank You for the trip down "Memory Lane"!! Best of everything to your town!!!" (Margaret Moriarty - Nee DeLoach)

"I really like the site because i used to live in St. Ives. I am 16 going on 17 and my family and i had to move because my dad works in the air force. I now live in germany and really miss St Ives! Fortunately for me, i still have family in St Ives so i get to visit them soon again! There are also some nice summer pictuers. Too bad it is snowing in germany! bye" (Colleen)

"Very good site looking at my auntie and uncle's old pub "The Oliver Cromwell" and remembering all the good times we had at St Ives. Boating down the river, fishing, shopping, like on bank holiday mondays. After they retired spending the time in their garden overlooking the meadow and watching the boat sail pass." (Ian Ball)

"A very attractive site." (Charlotte Jenner)

"Great! I'll be visiting St. Ives on May 21st, along with a group of beaders (we make beaded jewelry) from the US. We're meeting a group of UK beaders for lunch, an exchange of ideas, and a walk around the town. Thanks so much for giving me a preview." (Wendy Webb, Alhambra, CA)

"Excellent Site. I have just moved to Cambridgeshire from Kent and heard that St Ives was a nice place. I managed to find a place and have no regrets at all. I am looking forward to the summer and what appears to be a lively schedule of events." (Simon Morris)

"I lived in St Ives until I was 18 and really liked it. I still visit as often as possible to see my parents and sisiter who still live there. Seeing such a lovely website of the area just serves to increase my pride in the fact that I come from there. Well done!" (Sarah Miles)

"I am looking for an old friend who lives in St. Ives by the name of Paul Beasely. Can you help me with any leads? I live in NY, USA. Thanks." (Frank Pastizzo)
Can anyone help? There are no Beaselys with a St Ives address in the local phone book. (PG)

"Your site is beautiful and well presented. My wife and I lived in the Manor Farm House in Wyton from 1957 - 1959 while I was stationed in the USAF at RAF Alconbury. I have many fond memories of the area and your website brought back many more. Thank you for creating it." (Tom Parker)

"Good! Can you please tell me if there is a Market over the Easter period? Regards." (Adam Hills)
Yes, there's one of the biggest markets of the year at St Ives on Bank Holiday Mondays. (PG)
"I used to visit St Ives as a kid as my Nan was brought up there... We used to have family there and have fond memories of St Ives.....Thanks for the info." (Adam Hills)

"I love your site, it brought great memories from 1978-79, when I was stationed at RAF Alconbury and lived in the "Anglo" housing out by the cricket fields. I also edited the base newspaper at Alconbury which was published by Cambs Life Ltd., on Free church Passage. You wouldn't by any chance know what became of my old friend John who was in charge of art production there. I would love to get in touch. I'm happy to see that my "local," the Oliver Cromwell, is still thriving, we don't have anything in the US to compare to your wonderful, historic public houses." (Jack Schaller)
Does anyone know anything about John? (PG)

"If you want tourists to visit St. Ives, you've accomplished it!" (Barbara Xavier)
Don't expect too much! St Ives is just an attractive little riverside town, with an interesting past. (PG)

"Excellent site, brought back memories of when my family visited St Ives in the early 1960s on my grandfather's boat 'Lynette', a converted lifeboat. We moored in the Nearby field and once joined in with the local children jumping from a tree into a haystack put there specially, all day long. I have never felt so close to nature! Those were wonderful days and the world was a different place. I hope St. Ives has kept it's charm and innocence. It was always magical whatever the weather I remember eating fish and chips wrapped in newspaper, sheltering the boat under the old bridge to escape from a sudden downpour of rain. The journey across the fens to Ely was desolate in parts but had its own unique and special charm. It was prettier upriver and I'm sure it still is. There were always seemed to be local children who were glad to talk to visitors. I notice there is a fair amount of new housing and new roads, where will it all end?" (Robert Matthews)

"A very interesting and attractive site. We visit St Ives several times each year as we have friends who live in Graveley. Having visited your site there are many things we hav'nt seen in St Ives yet! We are looking forward to our next visit even more now. I wish we could visit a bit more often but St Ives is quite a long way from Newcastle upon Tyne!" (John Ovens)

"A lovely site! This brought back many happy memories of times gone by. I wish I could move back to the England and the fens, but alas, things wouldn't be the same. Market day at St. Ives was always an occasion for our family. We'd wander among the stalls, buy a few things and look at many others. A great way to while away a summer's day! Thanks for the memories." (Fred St George)

"I thought it was great. II used to live in St Ives, and I miss it very much.I now live in America, and I'm very home sick. Although I have been here in America for quite a long time - St Ives is still my home. I would like to get in touch with Cathy Flisher. If anybody sees this and knows her please tell her about this - she'll know who I am - thank you." (Amy Adkins)
Pity you didn't include your email address! (PG)

"Fabulous! I think I and my family are going to have a wonderful stay in St.Ives." (Mrs Joyce Mwila)

"Love the site. Very well done! I must say, though, I was (wrongly) assuming the 'main' St.Ives in England is the one in Cornwall. Did you know they lay claim to the riddle, (kits, cats, wives, etc.) you mention? I'm an American from Dallas, TX so I claim no authority on any of it! Both St.Ives are lovely!" (Sonya Warren)
It was the Cambridgeshire St Ives that had the famous market - hence the riddle. Not that I'm biased, of course .... (PG)

"Really enjoyed your St. Ives website, as my family is thinking of moving there. Can you remember if the area of Station Road near the bus station was affected by the floods in 1998? Thanks and regards." (Sarah Mead)
I don't think the Station Road area of St Ives was affected by the 1998 floods, but I was conveniently out of the country on holiday when they happened! (PG)

"I was raised in St.Ives from 68 to 79. My father was stationed in the airforce there. I went to eastfield junior school and we rented meagre farm which belonged to Mr. Pigg. We lived on ramsey road across from the Vendetti's, an Italian family that had a noodle company. Fished along the river Ouze, belonged to the sea scouts, all in all a wierd upbringing, but somewhat memorable." (Eric Wagoner)

"An excelent site. Lots of good photos and info. I'm probably going to be working in Cambridge fairly soon, but I don't really want to live there. Do you know what the commute would be like in the morning from St Ives?" (Steve Sherwood)
The A14 gets very crowded. It's a great help if you can set off either early or late! There's a good local bus service from St Ives right into the centre of Cambridge (every 20 minutes during the day. The journey takes 25 minutes). (PG)

"I think it is a most interesting website. I went to St Ives many years ago." (Mary Burke)

"Excellent site." (Hitesh Ruparelia)

"Very beatiful: compliments!" (Franco Bonci))

"Hello first i am french Canadien i was born in Hemmingford Quebec wich was name after hemingford Grey , so my interrest are great . Me and my famaly are going to spend some time in that area over the week end so that we may located some names that actuly built my home town ,,,, maybe you can help me" (Gabriel Giroux)
I'm afraid I can't help you with information about the founders of your Hemmingford. But good luck with your search! (PG)

"brillant need photos of the ramps though" (charlie)
What ramps? If you mean the traffic improvement scheme, see the Latest News page. (PG)

"cool cool ok ok ok" (Robert Eggett)

"Hi, I thought that your site is wonderful.The photos are so wonderful to look at as I have never been to St. Ives and now have some sort of idea of where my relations lived. I am researching my family history and have a William Monk/ monks who was sent to Australia in 1813 as a convict and also 3 brothers who came out here...Thomas Mitchell, Francis Mitchell and George Mitchell and William who was sponsored by Francis. If you come across other researching these names please forward them to me if possible." (Roseanna Williams)

"I think the site is great!! Its easy to use and informative." (Rebecca Fensome)

"Neat photos, but wanted to see the terrain of the country." (Shari Latham Clark)

As East Anglia is predominantly flat, we haven't much terrain to show, but this photo from my More Off the Beaten Track page is typical! There are also two aerial photos. (PG)

"I liked the site. It is very informative and easy to move around in. My husband and I are coming to St Ives this august for a friend's wedding. I was also wondering if there is a place you can rent bicycles for a day. Perhaps you could include things like that in your site in future." (Liz, Calgary, Canada)
Sorry, I don 't know a place anywhere here where you can rent bicycles! (PG)

"Well presented. I´m living abroad currently. It´s comforting to see my house is still there by the Mill. See you in the Royal Oak." (Chris Morgan)

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