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(from November 2003 onwards)

"Hi we have just opened a B and B in Houghton 150 yards from the river in a house dating back to 1850, we have 3 rooms in a converted barn,overlooking the garden and all with private bath with power showers and exclusive toiletries and all rooms with cd/dvd players,21" teletext tv`s,clock radio,trouserpress,hairdryer,in room safes,tea and coffee making facilities etc.etc. The English tourist Council have given us 5 diamonds with a silver award for quality. I see that u do feature Houghton/Hemingford etc. and wonder whether you can include us please - further details of us can be found on http://www.cheritonhousecambs.co.uk. Many thanks." (Chris Langley)
I'm often asked about b&b accomodation (of which there is a great shortage in St Ives itself) so would be pleased to hear of anywhere else that is offering it. (PG)

My name is Steve Edwards I am trying to trace a person, her maiden name was Elaine Munnings I don't have her married name assuming she is married. She moved to St Ives in 1970 from Warmington near Oundle. I just wondered if she is still living in St.Ives.I think her father then looked after the St Ives Golf club, more information I don't have but if you could help me then I would appreciate it."
Can anyone help? If so, please use my guest book to get in touch with me. (PG)

Thank you for all of the information on the site and for helping me to get in touch with an old school friend! But what about the plans to demolish "Woodside", the 1930's house in North Road which I am trying to save? Also, plans to create a double storey car park on the site of Globe Place Car Park." (Lisa Dickeson - Brand)

Hello once again! Just thought that I would inform you that the plans have been submitted for the Woodside and Meadows Motors site. 16 flats and 8 houses following the demolition of the properties." {Lisa Dickeson - BrandI)

"I lived in England for 4 years 1993-1996, I was just thinking about all the places I visited and started to look them up on the Web. I came across your site, as I went throught the pages, a lot of fond memories came back, the market, the chapel on the bridge and the small Tea Shop where I visited many times. Thanks for the tour!' (Debbie Stephens)

A great site that was very informative.We loved all the pictures and have been to visit St Ives and are hoping to move there in the near future!" (Duncan & Joanne Greenslade)

have enjoyed looking and reading your site very much! However if you know; i would greatly appreciate your assistance in getting to cafe rio(directions). I have tried others and no one has been of any help so far. I live in Huntingdon so that's why I do not know where it is. However I do visit St.Ives periodically as it is my favorite town in this area.   Also if you approach the town on the Dolphin Hotel side(london road);is there public parking near the old bridge? If not; where is the closest public parking on the other side of the bridge? Any information you have would be greatly appreciated! (Mrs. R. Hayes)
You can park in the Dolphin Hotel car park without using their other facilities as long as you have a £1 coin to slip into the machine when you leave! You can also park for free in the road outside the Dolphin, but the nearer part of this soon gets full so you will probably end up having a longer walk. To get to Cafe Rio from the Dolphin, walk across the bridge then turn right along The Quay. Cafe Rio is less than half way down it.

"It's very beautiful. I must come back to St Ives soon!" (Tetsumi Kato)

"We have been visiting your most interesting website on the History of St. Ives, and all the wonderful information contained in it. However, my rubbishy printer misses most of the information on the righthand side of virtually every page, which is a shame. Have you created any leaflets or books which contains the info and some of the lovely photos, and if so, where could we purchase them from? We're planning a trip up the Ouse at Easter, in our boat, and plan to spend some time in the St. Ives area, and this information would be invaluable. Congratulations on the creation of this site, its excellent, and all the "off the beaten track" pages make really interesting reading. Well done, you. Looking forward to hearing from you soon." (Martin and Val Chapman)
Sorry, my photos are only available on the website - but interesting booklets about St Ives can be bought at the Norris Museum. (PG)

"I love this site! It is very informative and I could hardly leave my computer. I am a
beginner photographer with a nice SLR and am hoping that I can visit St. Ives very soon. I am researching this location because I may be in the area soon if hired by a company near there. I might be there for as long as 6 weeks and wanted to know all I can about where to go and take some great photos. Thank You for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. It has all been very helpful!!! By the way, does the local library there in St. Ives have internet access so that I can share some of my adventures with my family while I am there? " (Deanna Denman)
The St Ives library offers plentiful internet access but you have to join the library first. You can do this on a temporary basis by bringing along some means of identity that includes a photo (such as your passport). Internet access is free, but there is a charge of 50p per 10 minutes for using email. Ask at the help desk about this, then they will take your money and direct you to one of the special email computers. (PG)

"Excellent! My wife was born in the area 55 years ago, but hasn't lived there for the last twenty five, so she found it particularly interesting." (Adrian Neal}

"very well done. liked the history and interesting things to see." (L Kaye)

"I thought the site was great. My wife and I spent the summer of 2002 living in St Ives and think it is a lovely town. Visting your site bought back some great memories and I look forward to returning next year for a holiday." (Daniel, Bayswater,Western Australia)

"very well put . as iknow the town verry well. i travell it and the serounding villages every day with my work great job . bye " (malcolm ward earith colne)

"Very well put together. My parents still live in Ramsey road and we get down from time to time but not often enough." (John Crisp)

"It's Ok. I'll tell you more when I come back from St. Ives in a couple of weeks." (Zeneida Serra, Spain)

"The site brings back great memories. My father was stationed at Alconbury AFB from 1968 to early 1971 and I've been trying to search for some of the kids I went to school with at Molesworth Jr. High School during my time there. Any help in this respect would be greatly appreciated." (Brenda Willhite Mallard)
Can anyone help? If so, please
use my guest book to get in touch with me and I'll pass on the message. (PG)

"Very interesting. My Great Grandmother was "in service" at a vicarage in St Ives in c1906-7 so the old photos were of particular interest. Regards." (Mark Stanton)
Mark Stanton also sent me a transcript of a fascinating recording made by his great grandmother in 1976, describing life in the vicarage around 1907. You can read it on the Memories page. (PG)

"Hello... and thank you for your interesting introduction to the area, and particularly St Ives. I live in South Africa and my sister is now residing in your lovely-looking town! I hope to be visiting some time later this year and am looking forward to exploring so much history... events and people that I have only read about over decades... What a pleasure it all is going to be! A dinner - and lunches - in places like William IV and the Old Ferry Inn!
I hope to be visiting from mid December to early January. Are there any events planned that might be of interest to me? Theatre, Arts, antiques, history, architecture, markets, fairs... Ah, to visit England again... and over Christmas! best regards" (Walter Bakker)
Hope you enjoy your visit here. It's a bit too soon to know about arrangements for next Christmas.

"I live in Somersham very close to St.ives and i whent to school there and i think that this sites a great way to find out more about the history of St.ives and view some of its beautifull sites." (Bethanie Hodson)

"Could you keep a look-out for a young woman "In Service", probably 1920's, named Winifred Everett.  This was my mother-in-law who came to St. Ives for a short time, but we didn't know about this until we moved here in 1979, and said we were looking for a house in the town.  She said she remembered going for walks by the river, and got the impression that where she worked/lived was fairly near the river (but then people walked longer distances in those days so it might have seemed nearer than it would today - and the homes in St. Ives which would have had a maid were mostly by the river!).
She had never been back, so we said when they came to visit we'd have to see if we could find the house.  She never mentioned the name of the owner, etc. Within a couple of weeks she had dropped dead, so she never returned, and we didn't have the chance to find-out more. On the off-chance that you could come across the name, I should be grateful if you would look-out for it.  I realise that being merely a maid there isn't a lot of chance, but you never know! Many thanks." (Barbara Richmond)
Does anyone recognise the name Winifred Everett? (PG)

"I was born in St. Ives 1920 top of North Road, St. Ives in the Cottages which have since been pulled down (where the car park is now). I attended the boys school, North Road around the corner from the girls school on Cemetery Road both since gone. Opposite the boys school was a slaughter house at play time we use to watch them slitting the neck of pigs (very suitable viewing for children). In the school grounds there was a map of the world in cement on the playground. Mr Blanc was the Headmaster followed by Mr Frith during my time. Miss Scott was my teacher from the age of 8. Followed by Mr Tom Palmer, then Mr Smith and Mr Grayson. I left school at age 14 1934." (Reginald Kenneth Goates)

"I thought the site was thrilling, I've only ever passed through St.Ives. But many of my Peters ancestors were from here and the surrounding areas. I will one day get back to this wonderful old place and see more of it." (Fiona Jennings)

"Incredibly detailed, informative, and pleasantly light-hearted. I am travelling to Huntingdon/St Ives (from Brooklyn, NY where I live) in May 2004 to visit sites associated with Oliver Cromwell; this site has encouraged me to spend much more time enjoying St Ives. Thanks for all your work!" (James Holloway)

"Interesting and very good" (Alan Howard)

"I was thrilled to find it. I am an American who lived in St Ives 51 years ago; my father was in the US Air Force. My daughter now lives in London and I will be coming to visit St Ives next week when I am visiting her. It has always stood out in my memory because I fell into, and almost drowned in the river. We lived at 8b The Pavement and I vivdly remember waking up each week to them preparing for Market Day!" (Susan Patrick)

"Thank you for a really excellent site and so much information. My mother was born and raised in St. Ives - family name is Richards - and she was born in 1914. I have my grandfather's diaries from 1901 - 1912 and he even lists the names of people who sent gifts when he married Mary, my grandmother. The family worshipped at All Saints, and Grandfather William made boats by hand for the family. He worked in the aircraft industry but sadly they had to move when my mother was eleven; she grieved all her life for the lovely summer morning when they left, arriving to the cold, grey, wet streets of London. I very much want to return to the area to live and am making some plans towards that for the near future. Best wishes for all you do; and thank you again for such a lovely site. One point - what is the best public transport please!! Would be most grateful if you could let me know (from London). I don't think there is a direct line?" (Beverly Martin)
The easiest way to get here from London is by train from Kings Cross to Huntingdon, then walk some distance to the bus station to get a bus to St Ives. Or take a taxi. Or if you took a coach from London to Cambridge, it would be an easier transfer as you'd only have to walk a few yards to get the bus to St Ives. (PG)

"i still own a home in St ives but currently live in Andalucia , and look at the site to remind me of what im missing !!" (simon ward)

"Dear Sir, I've been looking at your site and it is very nice, but can you give me a candid opinion - I am thinking of buying a house in the town centre for my family. What is it like to live in St. Ives? Is it a peaceful place? Are there any hidden pitfalls? Are the people nice? Is it live and let live or are you under constant scrutiny? What's your view? Thank you for letting me know!" (David Carmona)
This is not an easy question to answer. I retired to St Ives and like it very much. It's certainly a good idea to live really near the town centre so that you can easily walk to wherever you want to go, but there are some busy roads right in the centre where you might find it a little noisy, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. You'll just have to explore this for yourself. As for the people, you can't generalise. Much depends on who your immediate neighbours happen to be! But there's a lot going on and, as always, if you've children at school, you'll soon get to know people. (PG)

"Super" (Joan Dickey)

"I have recently aquired an old watch with the name CROMWELL and underneath the logo it says C. Moore, St Ives. Has anybody any idea who C. Moore is? I would love to find out some more details. THANKS" (Steve Whaley)
Bob Burn-Murdoch of the Norris Museum (the real expert on St Ives) tells me that Clement Moore was listed as having a shop at 2, Carlisle Terrace, St Ives in 1936 and 1940. Moore wouldn't have made the watch himself - but just added his name to it. (PG)

"Very interesting not much about voluntary organizations in the town which might be some help for rasing money." (J.Pickering)
I'm always pleased to add voluntary organisations that have a website to my local websites page. Please let me know of any omissions. (PG)

"hello, i have lived in st ives all of the twenty young years of my life and i have to say that ive learnt more in the last half an hour, looking through this site than i did attending the prestigious schools of wheatfields and st ivo!!! what a wonderfully planned site which is very informative and captures the true essence of this pleasent town. congratulations" (dan mackay)

"Great Site, I wish there were more like it" ( David)

"is grand" (Paul)

"I thought this was a very lovely site. I lived in St. Ives when I was a very little girl, 1977 - 1982, when my father was stationed at LakenHeath. I was hoping to find information about the school I attended there, to show my little boys who are now of school-going age. I lived on Alabama Way, near Hill Side. I believe the school was called Hill Side Infant School, but my memory is not serving well. I would love to get in touch with anyone who may remember me or my family (the Schaefflers) during the time we lived there. I have very fond memories of doing cartwheels on green grass & making chains out of daisies and buttercups. I live in the desert of Las Vegas, NV, USA now. Please feel free to contact me! :-)" (Jeni Torres)
I'll be pleased to pass on Jeni's email address to anyone who asks me for it. (PG)

"Interested in her comment (see above). Although we lived there from 1971-1975 before she arrived - we lived on 2 Alabama Way. Interesting to know if she moved into our house. Thanks" (Jim Mitchell)

"Really well done. You have set a good standard. Quality, relevant photos - and technically well constructed; good use of hyperlinks. The history, character and locations are very readable. I am driving to St Ives for a meeting, I have now decided to come a few hours early to have a look around." (Gary Mason)

"I visited St Ives a few months ago and fell in love with it so much that I want return as soon as possible!  I wish to purchase an ornament that I saw in a shop window selling gas fires on the road leading to the boat overnight mooring.  I wondered if you would be able to help me with the name of the shop or a telephone number. I am sorry I cannot give you any further information! I look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes" (Donna Bingham)
The shop you are looking for may be The Gas Shop, 31 The Broadway, St Ives, Cambs PE27 5BX, tel no 01480 462887. Hope you find what you want! (PG)

"Very good." (Frank Riola)

"Easy to use but did not include B&B or camping sites which visitors like me would like to know about." (John Scott)
No, but I do give the telephone number of the Tourist Information Centre at Huntingdon Library, as the best source of such information: 01480 388588. (PG)

"Nice site........not really where I want to live anymore But I will say I had a brilliant childhood here in the 90's. I was born in 84 and lived here until 1995 when my parents separated so I was shoved (still bitter all these years on) out to Leicester with my mother where I still live. My dad stayed though until 1998/1999 and was the manager of the chip shop on kings hedges for a good 16 years (mark butterworth). I had a nice time here even though my memories are fading I still have this sense of happiness when I think about the place. I haven't visited since 1998 which was the same here my dad left cam close and moved to Norfolk road for a year or so before he left for Manchester. I would like to catch up with BEN CROSS who is the son of sue cross, last I heard they lived on Tay close but that was like 5 years ago, we were best friends for a few years only but he is a treasured friend. Haven't spoke to him since I was 14 so I would like to catch up with him." (Tom Butterworth)
If anyone knows Ben Cross, I'll be pleased to pass on the information. (PG)

"Very nice and informative, well laid out and easy to get around. I am interested in family history and would like to know if there is a family history group in St. Ives that might be able to help with one or two queries?" (Joan D'Arcy)

"very informative and will be looking to visit later this month (Oct) for a long weekend, thank you." (D G Springett)

"The reason I searched for a website on st ives is I want to know how you say "Slepe" ....Sl-eep , Sl-ee-pee, Sl-ep? Any ideas? Thanks" (Lisa}
Nowadays at least Slepe is pronounced as SLEEP! (PG)

"Great piccies, I'm currently living in Australia, so this website gave me an excellent way of viewing St Ives and its changes, plus show the Australians a real live market town, steeped in history!" (Sharon)

"I love this site. I grew up in St. Ives but now live in San Antonio, Texas, and haven't been back to England in 9 years. This site is very good when feeling homesick and also to show other people where I grew up." (Rachel Vipond-Smyth)

"i live in St.Ives and i think that this website is great because i just love exploring around and this is mt favourite site sounds funny but it is i am on here nearly every day so if anyone wants any information i can give it to you just add me or email i love showing my family aroud st.ove as i don't have many friends to go out with but i am no bothered if anyone is thinking of moving i recommend here because there are a good amout of shops with good choice and there is a great historical presence around and every where you look there's something new and even though i have lived here all my live i am still very much intreseted in St.Ives and i am always finding out new facts and sites to see" (Tracy Dewar)

"would like to see more aerial shots is there a place in st ives called "cowmaze"?" (Kay Whittfield. New Zealand)
Sorry, I've never heard of "cowmaze". Could it be the "other" St Ives? (PG)

"Very interesting. My family lived in St. Ives from 1961 - 1962, when I was 10 years old. My father was in the U S Air Force stationed at RAF Alconbury. Our landlord, I don't remember his name, became the Lord Mayor of St Ives later in the 1960's." (David White)

"Good, always enjoy. Like your tour. Some of the pictures I'd have liked to see at higher resolution - can't remember which ones now !" (Tom Rawlinson)

"Very attractive" (David Wood)

"Informative. Unusual. Accurate."(Nick Holmes)

"wonderfull in1960 idated mr vanditti;sthe basket makers nephue his name was gezepi enyone know if he is still arond let me know iwas 16 at the time thank you" (pat brown franzen)

"I enjoyed the site. I lived in St. Ives in the 1980's. My daughter was born at RAF Lakenheath while we were stationed at RAF Alconbury. We will be travelling back there in May/June 2005 for her to see where we once lived. I searched for a site to see if market was still on Monday. Thanks for having so much information." (Donna Godwin)

"its good but i dont agree with the lion hotel as a good resturant. when my family come down to st.ives for the weekend we went there and the food was awful! overall the pictures and information on this site is great! it should have an easier site name to remember. the carnival pictres are good aswel as my brother was on the 2004 one! if you have any pictures of the 2002 carnival p[lease could you e-mail me please as i wuld like to see them as i was in it thanks very much!" (leanne}
There's a page of Carnival 2002 pictures. I'm amending what I said about the Golden Lion! (PG)

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