St Ives

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A personal view
by Philip Grosset

What you say about this site (8)

(from November 2005 onwards)

"Greetings from Medvode, Slovenia, to our friends in St Ives!" (Gregor Rozman)

"Looking into our family history in Hemmingfor Grey, it was interesting to read about the mill owner, Potto Brown, whose mother's maiden name was Potto. One of the women in our family history had that maiden name, also. In these small communities, in the late 1800s, it might be reasonable to assume a connection. In addition, the other stories and pictures shed a very informative light on St. Ives as viewed by one who has never been there. From a person with fingers crossed in hopes of a visit one day, many thanks!" (Keith Mercer)

"I promised you pictures of the sole (to date) statue of St Ivo. It is situated on the Karluv Most, or, Charles Bridge in Prague, next to the Old Town Bridge Tower. It may be a copy, as some of  the originals had become too fragile, and are stored in the National Museum Lapidarium." (Nick Holmes)
Many thanks. I'm glad to have seen this, even if it isn't of the right St Ivo! This statue shows the St Ivo of Kilmarten in Britanny (also known as Yves, Yvo and Ives), who lived from 1253-1303 and became the patron saint of lawyers.
Our St Ivo was reputed to have been a Persian bishop who died around 600 AD - if he ever lived! (PG)

"I think it is wonderfull. My ancestors were from Cambridgeshire in 1840. Henry Moulds my Great Grandfather was born their" (Margery Moulds Trible)

"I thought it was very good. I was born in St.Ives and lived there for about 15 years. Seeing all the pictures brings back a lot of memoirs." (Julie Massingham)

"Marvellous! I fell in love with St Ives on a visit a few months ago - so much so that I decided to move there (from Cambridge). Fingers crossed, I'll be there in a couple of months! This site has been invaluable to give family and friends an idea of what it's like. The american cousins can't wait to see the medieval bridge and the museum in its wonderful setting." (Diane Gough)

"It brought tears to my eyes to see photos of places that my great-grandparents would have known and loved. I am a descendant of Joseph Bull and Mary Ann Luff Bull of St. Ives. They were both born in 1860 and departed for America in 1887. I am trying to locate any information I can about their lives while in England. From my earliest memories, I've heard my grand mother speak of St. Ives and as a result, I feel a very special attachment. I visited St. Ives in 1983, but only for a very short time and did not have an opportunity to do any research while there. Any advice on how I can locate any possible relatives from either the Bull, Luff, Gates or Cannon families? I also would love to be able to provide my 85 year old mother with any information on her grand parents and their ancestors." (Mary Brennan-Taylor)

"My father was also stationed at RAF Alconbury 1966-1969. I was looking at the areal photos of RAF Molesworth where I went to school 4/5/6th grade in the "Officer's Quarters". From the Google Earth view I can not determine where that building is let alone where the Air Field went...... I did look at RAF Alconbury and fournd the house i lived in...that was cool. And the field we played sports. That was really a travel back into time. I would like to hear from anyone who was there. Thank you." (Kelly Carter)
Please contact me if you want the email addresses of either of the two above correspondents. (PG)

"I was wondering if you (or anyone reading the guestbook) have any tips on where to go in St Ives (or surrounding area) for genealogical research. I just found out through the 1861 census some of my ancestors are from 'your' St Ives (we always thought from St Ives in Cornwall) and would like to find out more. Is there something like a records office in St Ives? (E. Kwant, Holland)
Your best source of information would probably be the Genuki Huntingdon page at:  where you will also find the address of the Huntingdon Records Office and the Norris Museum, St Ives. (PG)

"An attractive site with excellent photographs, but I contact you for the purpose of asking if you can guide me to further information about the Revd Oscar Wade Wilde. All responses will be acknowledged with gratitude!" (D.C. Rose
Président, Société Oscar Wilde, 1 rue Gutenberg, 75015 Paris)
The most likely person who may be able to help you is Bob Burn Murdoch, Curator of the Norris Museum, St Ives. (PG)

"Very interesting and the pictures are lovely. There should be more sites like this." (Kathleen Pressley

"As a potential visitor to St Ives and local district I found a very useful and informative site. What superp pictures, I hope that I might obtain 1 or 2 nearly as good " (Edd Jarrett)

"My sister, Sarah Holtum, lives in Lammas Way, behind the church at the end of the waits, I just love your market town and I will arrive again for another visit, (7 weeks) on the 21 May, 2006" (Sue Holtum)

"Lovely pictures and well written. Will probably come back to this site to check up the updates. As for the riddle, there was no mention of the man and all the wifes and stuff coming BACK from St Ives. So the answer may also be either:
* 1: if the man went without his wifes.
* 2401: if all the wifes, sacks, cats and kits went, without the man.
* 2402: if all the wifes, sacks, cats and kits went, plus the man.
* or a multiple of wife+sack+cat+kits with or without the man.
* or etc... basically, no-one can know for sure!
Thank you, Beatrice" (Beatrice Rey)

"As my son and family lived in St Ives for several years before transferring to Sydney, Australia, I have visited the town many times from Newcastle upon Tyne, my home town - and still do, as my daughter-in-law's parents live there. I've spent a couple of hours looking at all the photos and reading the various narratives and can honestly say that this is one of the best sites I have come across in several years trawling of the net!" (Eileen Dougan)

"it gave good deal of imfo because we are thinking of visiting st ives" (Sandra Taylor)

"A very interesting site. I am particularly interested In St Ives as I have traced my family history to the area. My g g g Grandfather William Gibson lived there and worked as an agricultural labourer in the early 19th century. His son and my g g grandfather (also named William) worked and lived there. In later years, he worked as an hostler at the White Horse Tap around 1880. The White Horse used to be south of the river opposite the dolphin hotel. What remains of it today has been converted into private dwellings. William died at the age of 59 and is buried in the churchyard of St Peter and Paul Church in Fenstanton. His wife Sarah died in 1905 and is also buried there. Apparently, because they lived south of the Ouse, it fell within the parish of Fenstanton. St Ives is a delightful and picturesque town and I have visited it on numerous occasions." (John Gibson)

"Excellent site. Wondering if anyone could help me regarding War years. I with my family moved out to St Ives in the war years as my Father was in the RAF, I think it was Old Warden. However I remember we lived for a short while untill we could get accommodation in a large round boathouse where my father helped out working a small ferry across the river for the owners of the property where we were. Seems very strange now looking back and have no idea where it could have been. Would there be anyone out there that could shed some light on this as I would love to know as my parents are no longer around and I was very young. " (Charles Faithfull)

"I found it a very interesting and informative site. I plan to visit St. Ives in the near future." (Ruth Johnston)

"Im asking for some help if i am honest, i have lost touch with an old army friend named David Parsons, he lived in our home town of Wolverhampton and moved to St Ives about 20 years ago, is there anything you can think of how i could get in touch. Thank you" (Wayne Whitehouse)
There is no D Parsons in the St Ives, Cambs, telephone directory. Are you sure he didn't move to the lesser St Ives in Cornwall? (PG)
Thanks for the quick reply.positive it is cambridgeshire i came to visit him about 12 years ago he also has a son joseph, daughters clare and alison and wife margeret
Does anyone know him? If so, please email me. (PG)

"Good- I'm dying to get down in September and I am hoping that our bus tour will include a day in St. Ives. You are so lucky to live in such a pretty place." (Linda McGrath, Edinburgh)
Hope you are not confusing us with the St Ives in Cornwall! That sounds a rather more likely place for a bus tour to visit. (PG)

"Excellent site. We run the Quiet waters caravan park in hemingford abbots, should you decide to add accomodation to your site, we would be very grateful if you could give us a mention? we are located just round the corner from the Axe & Compass pub. Our details and photo's can be seen on . Many thanks" (Linda Coulson).

"Absolutely wonderful. Articulate descriptions, beautiful photography and very comprehensive. A joy to send to anyone especially friends abroad. Keep it up! Although I live locally (Holywell) I do like to drop in occasionally." (June York)

" Very nice, love to look at the pictures. Was stationed at RAF Alconbury in early 1980's, want to visit again some time in the future. Great times!" (Troy Evans)

"My GrtGrt Grandfather used to keep 'The Bell' public house in St Ives in the 1850s along the Waits, His granddaughter (my Grandmother was one of seven children born there, Six of these were boys, all but one served during WW1 One recieved the MM and three were killed, they were the Hurl Family, And my Grt Grt Grandfather was Samuel Mapperely, so you see i have a great fondness with this town and i am so glad i came across this site." (Wendy Dighton)

The Bell

This was The Bell public house, next to the Methodist Church on The Waits. It is now a private house, but keeps the old pub name. (PG)

"I lived in St. Ives from 1967-72. (7th-11th grades) My father was in the Civil Service, retired already from the A.F., but worked at RAF Alconbury. My mother is from New Ferry, Cheshire,and I must say it was the best time of my life. I still am in touch with a friend from St. Ives, Pam Petriello (Pam Sanderson) and have visited there twice since we moved. The sight made me cry, because it brought back so many great memories. Thank-You" (Diana Navickas-Carr, Colorado")

"i have written to you before on this site and as then the site is very good and informative,please keep up the good work it keeps a lot of people happy and in touch with their past. I was brought up in a village about five miles from St Ives and it was the only place that we could visit in the years following WW2,a trip to the Cinema( The Regal I think ) and the street fair, life was very good I left for Canada in 1970 and I still think fondly of my time in the area." (Colin Sewell, Toronto, Canada)

"I hope you can help- my father was stationed in England during the mid 1950's during which time we lived in St Ives on Bull Lane, I think the house number was #10. I remember we walked down the lane to the river where we parked the car and I could see the swans. Does this area of town still exist? thanks for any info you can share with me." (Carolyn Eadon)
Bull Lane is one of the old lanes of St Ives and is in the middle of the town just a few yards from the River. Below is the view looking down it towards Bridge Street. Only No. 2 is numbered and that is in the left foreground. Was No. 10 at the far end on the left? You can still feed swans on The Quay. There is a photo of The Quay on my Guest Book page. (PG)

"This is a very nice site" (Davis Smith)

Ramsey Road play area"Much better than St Ives town site. I am trying to find a 'green' area where I can let my young children charge around after we've been shopping in St Ives (live in Swavesey)." (Claire Hagger)
Have you tried Warners Park in the North East of the town? Or there's a recently extended children's play area in the field opposite the Slepe Hall Hotel near the bottom of Ramsey Road, as shown in the photo. Pity about the graffiti, though. (PG)

"I thought it was interesting. Not bogged down with too many facts. Some lovely local photography." (Mary Carden)

"Moving to St Ives on 31st August 2006. This site has helped to keep my spirits up through the difficult and stressful house moving process and helped me to look forward to our life changing move from
London. Thanks" (Sarah Moss)

"Absolutely brilliant, brings back many happy memories of my youth when I lived in the town from the age of 10 to 24.Thank you very much." (John Turner)

"I enjoyed your site very much. I was born at RAF Molesworth in 1961 and lived the first five years of life in St Ives on Needingworth Road. Although I was quite young when my family left I am able to remember many of the buildings and sights there. I intend to make a trip back to your great home someday and will keep your website as a "favorite" so that I may be somewhat up to speed as it were as to what is occuring there. Again I would like to thank you so very much for creating and maintaining such a wonderful and worthwhile website." (Daniel Bryan).

"Nicely laid out and good content,easy to follow, I was interested to see if it mentioned an old Gatehouse as my M/in/law reckons she had a old family member used to live in it, either St Ives or St Eaves or somewhere similar. If you have any locals involved in Video work I wouldn't mind swapping tapes/dvd of local events or of interesting places etc with them. I passed through on my around Britain trip in 1990. keep up the good work" (Keith Massey Canberra Australia)

"Greetings! I thank you for your website. I lived in St. Ives back in 1985, and I miss it so much. I love England more than any other place in the world, and I wish I could live there again. At that time when I lived there, my husband was in the AF. Since then, we´ve divorced and I´m now living in Germany, married to a german man. Do you have any advice for me on how to be able to live there again, but this time, on my own? I look forward to your reply, and once again, thanks for the great memories." (Victoria)
There are certainly lots of people in St Ives living on their own, and there are numerous clubs and organisations that anyone can join. There's a good bus service to Cambridge too. But, if you can afford it, try to pick somewhere to live within reasonable walking distance of the town centre. You might find my list of estate agents helpful. (PG)

"Great site bringing back many memories. As far as I can see no mention or pictures of the railway and station. It took up a large part of my childhood around about 1960. I used to cycle from Needingworth Road to catch the early morning train into Cambridge. It came in on the main line from Chatteris. In the evening I caught a very impressive train which took the branch line at St Ives off into the wilds of Northhamptonshire. This was a single line and I remember leaning out of the window to watch the fireman in the steam engine catch the "key" which allowed the train onto the line. It was a long day for a 9 year old. When the train arrived I recall the station porter walking up and down shouting "SNIVES, ANYONE FOR SNIVES.
Most will remember Sleepe hall as a girls school. Who remembers the little kindergarten in a green single storey building on the left hand side as you look from the road? I was a pupil there circa 1953 I suppose. I remember very little except the curious smell teenage girls gave off as we mingled in the play ground at breaktime. This was in the days prior to deoderants (Apologies to Sarah Hamilton's mum if she was there then!!)" (John Dansie)
Thanks for the railway memories. All I've got is an 1884 St Ives railway poster, ande a St Ives railway sign, both at the foot of What You Say (2). (PG)

"Some useful links and beautiful pictures" (becky quinn)

" I think this site is awesome my father still lives here. I lived here as a teenager and miss it terribly. I looks the same that it did, I am planning a trip in march and cant wait to see-home." (Adrianne Toth)

"I am hoping to move to St Ives from West Sussex. I was looking at all the Estate Agents and followed from there. I found the site informative with attractive photos. I got a bit worried about the air freight plans but it looks like they have been shelved. Is there an office for volunteer work? I can't wait to move there!" (Jacqueline)
The St Ives Volunteer Bureau at the Free Church, Market Hill, is open from 12.30 pm - 3.0pm, Mondays to Thursdays. Tel 01480-301462. (PG)

"Delighted to see such a lovely site. The photos are brilliant." (Janine Hamilton)

"thank you for all your hard work on this site i am impressed the numbers and quality of the photos put similar sites to shame as do the narratives please keep up the good work" (tom g)

" Enjoyed your site very much. I'm an American and was stationed at RAF Alconbury in the very early 80's. My wife and I visited St. Ives on a regular basis. We rented a home in Hilton. Your site has brought back many fond memories. Thank- you." (James Beaver)

"Nice site, congratulations. I've recently discovered that my ancestors - the WHELLAMS family - were originally from St Ives, one branch of the family living in Crown Street at the time the 1841 census was taken. Is there a Red Lion pub on Crown Street? If there is, they lived a couple of doors away. I live in India but intend visiting St Ives next February." (Paul Nixon)
The Red Lion pub used to be at 14, Crown Strreet, but is now a shop. (PG)

"My ancestors came from St. Ives. I've traced to a George and Ann Snarey Crouchley in about 1835. Any Crouchleys still around there? I'm in Omaha, Nebraska USA" (Dan Crouchley)
There are no Crouchleys in our local phone book, but are you sure you've got the right St Ives? We are in Cambridgeshire (it used to be Huntingdonshire), but there's also the old fishing port of St Ives in Cornwall. (PG)
"Thank you for your response. I was indeed mislead that way for awhile. I had originally concluded that it was the Cornwall St. Ives. But my research definitely directs me to Huntingdonshire. My Crouchleys appear to have moved to London and then the US. Your website is excellent and a wonderful source of information. I intend to get to St. Ives someday. Thanks again." (Dan Crouchley)

"Well laid out site with good information. I was born above what was then a fish & chip shop at 4 The Broadway and have fond memories of the town" (John Deller)

"Great photo`s have you any more old one`s" (Peter Crampton)
I hadn't, but I've now been able to add a whole page of photos of St Ives in the 1920s. There's also an excellent collection at the Norris Museum in St Ives. (PG)

Old hospital"Just to inform anyone interested in the ex USAF Hospital at Wimpole Park - they should look at my website: I was the NCO i/c the Plant and crushers when we demolished the site in 1960. My website will interest those who need to know more and also about the reunion there in 2006." (Patrick Honey)

An excellant site I was born in St.Ives in 1947 over the fish shop that then stood at the point where Crown Street merged with the broadway the fish shop I believe was owned by The Hodson Family of Huntingdon and managed by Mr & Mrs Dunnington, My family moved from the town to Needingworth in 1953 where I lived until 1973 I still visit the town occasionally and it still holds special memories. thank you again for a great site." (John Deller)

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